Wool Basics

Wool is a unique, natural and sustainable product. It is easily the most commonly used natural animal fibre in fabrics and the most valued fabric in the world. It is naturally fire retardant and extremely strong. It functions as a temperature regulator, protecting the body in both cold and warm conditions. Wool also has a natural elasticity so that woollen fabric which is twisted or stretched will regain its shape. It is an eco friendly fibre that requires significantly less energy to produce than man made counterparts and has far less impact on the environment in the process. It is a 100% natural protein fibre which insulates, yet breathes and is one of the most effective forms of all-weather protection known to man. Science is yet to produce a fibre to match its unique qualities.
The high quality of our New Zealand wool makes it ideal for a number of products – from everyday apparel to insulation for astronauts to the tennis balls used at Wimbledon.
To follow the Wool Integrity journey from farm to market click here, or find out more about the natural benefits of wool here


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