The Journey: Scouring


Wool From The Farm

Greasy wool straight from the farm contains high levels of naturally occurring lanolin, a useful by-product of wool. Sheep also gather soil, seeds, twigs and grass as they roam around their environment which all need to be removed from the fleece ahead of late stage manufacturing. This is done by scouring and in some cases combing the greasy wool.

Best Practice Scouring

To protect the environment wool is scoured using only environmentally friendly detergents and no bleach or other chemical enhancements are applied to artificially improve colour readings.

Recently consumers have become more and more concerned about animal welfare. Because of the traceability back to the farmer with Wool Integrity NZ™ we are now able to address these customer concerns. Wool Integrity brand it is a great initiative that allows us to provide an “Integrity line” of standard types for our customers with the full assurance about the core values of Animal Welfare, Environmental Sustainability, Ethical Wool Production and Supply Chain Transparency.

Piercarlo Zedda, Co-owner of Pantex and former Vice President of IWTO

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